Custom Builds 
Dave Lewis Guitars custom builds electric guitars and basses, with both bolt-on and neck-through models available.  Choose from Dave's original designs, or work with him to custom build the instrument of your dreams. 

Other Services 

  • Major and Minor Repairs 
  • Set-ups 
  • Electronics 
  • Fretwork 
  • Refinishing

 Product Lines Handled  

  • Apex Strings
  • Warp Core 
  • EMG 
  • DiMarzio 
  • Bartolini 
  • Hipshot 
  • Bigsby 
  • Sperzel 
  • Grover 
  • Schaller 
  • ABM Bridges 
  • Gotoh 
  • Wilkinson 
  • Graph Tech

Dave Lewis Guitars is not a retail facility, so everything is done by appointment only.  This is to accommodate your busy schedule and to ensure a quick turnaround so that you can be reunited with your instrument in a timely manner.

Dave Lewis Guitars proudly uses Apex Strings on all of our instruments!

Dave Lewis Guitars proudly offers custom pickups from Warp Core Pickups!


"I’ve been playing my six string bass DAVE built for maybe 13-15 years and it is the finest and best sounding low maintenance instrument a working bassist could own! Bar none!! - Bennie Sims

"Excellent work! Fast turn-around! Highly recommended!" - Jeff Mallon

"Dave worked on several of my guitars, and his work is outstanding! He explains all of his work, in detail, and makes suggestions prior to doing additional repairs as they were his own instruments. I wouldnt trust my guitars in anyone elses hands other than Dave's. Thanks Dave for the work you've done and for future work!." - Mike Goss

'Dave has done work on several of my guitars, and I couldn't be happier with the results. 
He treats the instruments as if they are his own, and he is depending on them to perform for him. 
He explains all of his work, and is sure that you understand EVERYTHING he has done and why. 
Definitely want him to do a build for me some day. 
Dave is the guy to go to, without a doubt. 
Thanx for all you have done for me, and all you will help me with in the future!" - Warren Courtesis

"So glad I found Dave to work on my guitars; he does awesome work. Thanks Dave, and see you next time." - David Angove

"A big thank you for getting my Sadowsky in and out of the shop with great service.  For guitar repairs and strings and things and beyond...Dave Lewis is your man with a plan." - Chad Maurer 

"Dave worked on two guitars of mine, and they play like a dream!" - Steve Heller 

"Just picked up my acoustic and couldn't be happier with Dave's work. Was there for action issues, there aren't any issues anymore. Plays like it should now. Thanks Dave!!!" - Dan Davidson

"GREAT set up on my lefty Gibson Thunderbird!  Excellent workmanship!" - Gregg Sweigert 

"Dave’s work is top notch, he always goes above and beyond!" - Chris Keck

"Dave Lewis has managed to take my guitars from 'ehh, I'll play that one when I feel like it' to 'man, I can't put this thing down'.  Reduced my action in half on both my guitars...sanded the bridge on my PRS acoustic and gave it the 'butter' treatment...worked on my American Standard Strat...he dropped it in half making it 'OMG, I'm in love with this guitar again'.  Seriously, I never played it at all cause I just didn't like the way it felt anymore.  Dave made it amazing.  Seriously, the guitar gods were looking down on him when he was born and gave him magic hands or something.  Seriously, go to him, stop debating about it, just go.  Now." - Rick Gamoneda 

"I've had several guitars assembled or rebuilt/repainted by Mr. Lewis over the last few years.  Always top quality work and service!  Thank you very much!  5 Stars."  - Josh Heller